Thursday, November 29, 2018

Halloween poster

Last week we were making Halloween posters with Whaea Donna on her first week back. We had to make a Halloween poster with the reasons if Halloween needed to stay or not, and the reasons behind the celebration of Halloween. These are my two posters I would like to share.


  1. hmm very specific in every thing I understand why you want halloween to go but I want it to stay. Its a very SPOOKY slide you have there by the way

  2. Hello Jackson. I'm Chace from Tautoro School. I like your blog post about Halloween. Do you actually not like it? You have some good reasons why we shouldn't celebrate it. But I think that I have a solution. Kids don't make to much then they won't be HYPED. 2 I don't know. 3 I don't know. 4 They don't make that much noise. 5 they just keep their costume on then it won't get stolen. Have you thought about those things? Got to go now BLOG YOU LATER 😎😎